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Power Interview Tips

Author: Nancy Stokes

Power Interview Tips And Interview Questions And Answers

Knowing and Building Your Uniqueness is important in your Job Search. The first important job interview tip here is this:

Looking yourself in the mirror and objectively pointing out your strengths , weaknesses and positive differentiators can be difficult. That's why it's always, always easier to get a job from someone who knows of you and has heard positive things about you. In many cases, it may not be the case if you're changing careers or if you're fresh out of school. In our videos, we'll teach you how to build this credibility with tools around you.
Timing as to when you should apply for a job is important. Sometimes, many people resubmit applications and you should too as many smaller firms don't really keep track of who has applied before if they have not got a reply. Following up with a phone call with HR can also be helpful if you think it makes sense.
-First thing one needs to show is to show credibility in your resume and for the love of God- please don't lie or stretch the truth too far, you'll get caught and it can be very embarrassing.
-Position your resume taking account:
-Core competence and basic requirements, ensure you have these on your resume and also if you're able to show you have these skills if interviewed. For example if it's a financial analyst job which requires Excel spreadsheet skills and understanding accounting ratios - make sure you have these skills, if you don't go learn and make sure you're competent enough in it to do it on the job. Build your own skills.
-Your differentiation - Highlight this with evidence, for example, if you responsible in starting an office, or saved the company xxx dollars in a cost efficiency programme or sold xxxx units in yyy number of months, put it down on paper and mention it unabashedly at the interview.
There are many ways of building competence and uniqueness and this has become a specialty of mine ;-) and you can find more if you subscribe to our videos.

Employers really hate people who job hop or who can't stay longer in one place for anything longer than 1 year - unless you have a very good reason. Many Silicon Valley start up guys have this problem, but then silicon valley is probably the only place that would also hire people with short attention spans because they're full of people like that there.

But in an economy like ours today - no one is looking hires who are going to leave after a couple of months after things settle down. Even if you are, ensure you don't exhibit those qualities.

1. Justify short stints on your resumes.
2. Don't put in too many 'personal reasons' or say that you can't get along with people in the firm because it may show you're a difficult person to work with.
3. Always give reasons where it was a business or a career decision which you took because you wanted bigger and better things or it wasn't really within your control.

If you find yourself in a desperate position are in need of money to really cover living expenses, try to be honest and go for jobs (can be contract jobs or something which does not pay very much) where you can perhaps gain a new skill but has enough to cover your expenses for the time being. There are people who can tolerate short stints so go know where to look.

Like I said in one of the earlier lessons, a job search is a sales process. You have to ensure the potential employers don't have a good reason to leave you out of the interview process. So don't do things like having spelling mistakes in your resume or cover letter or anything that indicates shoddiness on your part. Common things potential employers may nit pick on include:

o Employment track record including short stints
o Lack of skills, not enough core skills and they need to train you again all over again blah blah.
o Inconsistencies or gaps in employment record including length of service
o Too much rubbish and hype in your resume or cover letter. Just stick to the point and highlight in short concise sentences. You see ads in newpapers and TV ? It's all about being concise and punchy. It's the same here.

If you want to check out more detailed tactics on this, subscribe to my videos here.

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Interview Skills - Stand Out From The Crowd and Land That Dream Job FAST!

Author: Angela Marren

You show up wearing your favorite "power" suit. You know you look great. You are ready to be amazing in this interview and impress like never before. You greet the interviewer, and before you know what hits you, you freeze like a deer caught in headlights. You kind of remember where you are, but you don't think you can remember your name. This can't be good, you think to yourself.

Have you ever gotten to the interview stage and just frozen up. Maybe you didn't actually freeze, but you just knew you weren't saying the right things, because the interviewer did not seem happy with you one bit. But you have a degree. You look great. You were smiling, and you were pretty sure you didn't have anything green stuck in your teeth. So what the heck was going on? Why weren't you getting offered these jobs left and right? You went home like a dozen times before, hoping there would be a call there waiting for you, telling you that you got this amazing job, and like a dozen times message.

But the great news is that you don't have to be stuck jobless forever. There is actually a simple, fast way to start landing these jobs before you even know it. You see, there are certain things that jobs (and interviewers) are looking for in a qualified candidate. They don't want to drag on the interviewing process any longer than needed. They want to find a perfect person for that position as fast as humanly possible, just as much as you want a job as fast as humanly possible.

There are insider secrets to start impressing at interviews. You can convince the hiring manager that you are the right man or woman for the job. All you need to do is prepare for the interview by nailing the most common interview questions in advance. That way when you hear them on interview day, you'll be well-rehearsed and answer with confidence and finesse.

Are you sick of missing out on the best job opportunities out there because the job interviewer decided you must not be a good fit, for an unknown, obscure reason? There is a much better way. Start landing those jobs that you deserve to have by preparing properly for the interview. Be the strongest interviewee you can possibly be. You dream job depends on it!

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5 Ideas for Computer Jobs Working At Home

5 Ideas for Computer Jobs Working At Home

Author: Kha Ton

Most people around the work now have a computer and have Internet access. This gives you an opportunity to do computer jobs working at home. Here are a few things that can give you ideas on how to make money at home on your computer

1. Type at home doing data entry or taking paid surveys. There are companies who will pay you to do data entry or take surveys for them.

You can also promote products of your own and type placing classified ads in free classified ad directories. Another way to make money typing is to promote products of your own in discussion forums. If you like the type there is no end to the number of ways you can make money doing it online.

2. Do freelance writing. This could become a full-time career for you. Once the word gets out that you are quality writer you'll never run out of customers to work for.

The highest-paid type of freelance writing is copywriting. Another form of freelance writing that is in high demand right now is blogging. Blogging gives you the opportunity to write about different topics so you'll never be bored. There are millions of blogs right now that need content and will pay you to create for them.

3. Join instant commission affiliate programs. Most affiliate program are now setup to pay commissions through a Pay Pal Url for you. These programs include marketing resources that direct the visitor to a sales page coded with your PayPal ID e-mail.

These have become a well-known with affiliate marketers because you will be paid when person makes a purchase. You have to wait for about a month to get your commissions in most affiliate programs.

4. Build websites of blogs. This is a service that will only grow in demand. Most people have no idea how to build a website and would be more than happy to pay somebody to do it for them.

Blogs have replaced websites in popularity, but again most people have no idea how to set up a blog. Because many Internet marketers work in multiple niches you can make a lot of money working for just a handful of clients.

5. Become a virtual assistant. Companies need people to answer the phone, do their bookkeeping, proofread their marketing materials, click on traffic exchange adds, post in discussion forums, and so on.

You can do all of these from the comfort of your own home as as a virtual assistant. By taking on a small number of clients you can develop a full-time schedule and a full-time income doing this sort of work. This benefits you but it also benefits the companies who do not need to hire full time employees.

In summary this is five computer jobs working at home anyone can do. They are easy to get started in and they are very profitable!

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