Saturday, December 8, 2007

Articles on drafts shortly being posted:

1) Detail Explanation of Each BPO domain
2) Handling each types of process
3) Methods to be integrated.
4) Software Industry and scenarios
5) Certifications and importance
6) Quality control methods.

Different types

There are forms filling jobs link capturing the information of Insurance forms filled by customer, Claims processing like capturing information from a claim which doctor has raised to insurance company for claiming his service charges either it may be any currency as per the stipulated agreement bound between the doctor and the insurance service provider.

The Other domains which falls under Non voice related is Mortgage process partly, Logistics process, cheque processing, forms processing, litigation coding, email support, Banking back office handling, Accounting related forms processing, Health care , Engineering services, Legal process outsourcing, Content management, document management , knowledge management etc.,

Yes outsourcing can cater any areas of business but what’s the benefit that is question.
This is right there are many reasons for doing so.

1) Saving the investment and working capital Cost
2) Improvement in Productivity and Turn around time
3) Outsourced company focus on Core Business
4) Value added service since domain expertise handles the process

Overall it increases the Quality and service to the customers which is the top most importance in present conditions.

BPO Outsourcing Scenarios:

Any of the work that is given out of the entity of yours self/organization is called job is outsourced. Broadly domestic outsourcing, international outsourcing is the classification we can give for better understand purpose.
There is Voice based, Non Voice based and Semi voice jobs outsourced.
Call centers is the real example of voice based.

How do Call centers work: Any huge firms that has customer base need to give support on their product or business and also market their products or business. In this lines
Outbound calls calling and updating about the new products or business might be collecting information related to particular surveys etc.

Inbound Calls these majorly applicable for service industry like you have credit card and need to know the tariffs etc., you call up the number given by the bank and get the most of the times these numbers will Toll free few numbers are charged call also. These types are called inbound calls.

Non voice related this topic speaks about jobs like Data entering the details either by seeing the hard copy or scanned copy (typically followed in today’s technology). Data conversion job converting from one type of format to other type of format like PDF to word, PDF to excel, databases format etc.,

Types of Data Processing:

In present scenario there are lots of types of data entry/processing jobs the few simple things I can let u know is capturing demographic details like address, phone, name etc., is the simplest one and which is required for building up a databases.
There are lot of form Based jobs like filling up the credit card application, Loan application, Insurance application or claims form etc.
Usually for the form based jobs we can develop customized software since it is very easy to capture the data’s and later track the details and for doing searches.